02 April 2011

[Poetry] One Word

I am on the verge of.
Like the angry again-expectant Mother Nature. Whose hiccups were felt in Japan, Haiti and Louisiana. Any day now, She could birth one of the biggest beautiful disasters ever experienced in the world. Impregnated with negativity and doubt and plagued with rage and hurt, I millimeter my way to the ledge to denounce my obsequious way of life to fulfill my own desires.

Acid sweat beads fail to stick to my skin as my body oscillates with violent anger. The moisture from my pain provides nourishment for the next person in this position. On the brink of…

My single solitary demand goes unnoticed. I had one simple request that went unfulfilled. A plea for HELP! screeched from a vacant mountaintop overlooking a narcissist town went ignored. Pain is telepathic, yet people choose to enslave themselves in their own selfish minds. Greed and the love of self is the new black. A want-ad for an unoccupied ear or heart sounded off, but mouths opened to reject it. Capitalism, prodigal materialism and individualism have replaced raw emotion and human goodness. A taciturn, perfidious lifestyle has taken over humanity. Technology has obviated interaction.

With reservations, I asked if miracles were real. My question was directed at this God person, if He existed. My quest for religion is almost over anyway. The truth shall set me free, so they say. They, the same people who turned a deaf ear to my pleading lips. No answer. Just a suggestion of faith.

Faith is holding a wet bar of soap with greased hands. Faith has yet to loosen Jim Crows shackles on those who need it most. Faith has yet to serve justice. I hope for a miracle because faith is not within my grasp.

I never believed in fairy tales, but I hoped for a selfless heart to reach out to relieve me of this task placed on me. A tiny voice mustering the strength to stop a faithless woman on the threshold of removing herself from this damned world. All I need. A passionate voice exclaiming a request to save me from what lies on the other side. A voice that can carry all of the unused love in the world to cause all of civilization to re-discover emotion. Just one word that encompasses all of my wishes for righteousness, honesty and love. “WAIT!” Please. Just. Wait.

♥ P.

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