11 April 2011

Dysfunction Looks Good On You, and Only You

Some people are addicted to drama. I've noticed that it's usually the ones who claim to dislike it so much that love to start it or be right smack-dab in the middle of it. But why? I have no clue. Some women and men like bragging, so to speak, about who's spouse is worse. It's that Jodie-Yvette type of relationship.

“Ooh, _____ (insert name here) had some skanky ass anorexic-lookin' bitch in my house yesterday! I almost had to cut her ass..... Girl, he made me breakfast this morning... Yeah, I'm not gonna let some hood rat steal my man! But I bet he won't do it again. I got all his phone calls transferred to my cell phone. Let a bitch call him. Pssh! ….They have this new thing called “Dial 233, Catch-a-Ho,” where I can find out who is calling, Facebooking, Tweeting, texting, and emailing him at all hours of the night. I just love that dumb ass n*gga.”

Drama is never sexy. Why stay with someone who you suspect is cheating on you? There is something seriously wrong with you if you stay with someone who you cannot trust. Low self-esteem, perhaps? Fear of being alone? Attracted to drama? Sheesh. Stop wishing and hoping for a triflin' man to come along so you'll have a sob story to tell your girlfriends about your no-good, punk-ass baby daddy. You only make yourself look stupid when you talk about “I need a real man.” *rolls eyes* Girl, please.

I know this girl who has been in a tumultuous relationship with the same guy for a few years. They fought all of the freakin' time, and they weren't even together for a year yet. Once, they broke up, she ended up pregnant with “his” child (the verdict is still out), thus them getting back together. Currently, their favorite hobby is arguing. It's always something with them. Either she's punching him or he's pissing her off after she's going through his phone. She threatens to leave and take the kid. In a few hours, they're acting like the happiest little family ever. It's a terrible cycle. All the while, their kid is watching this fuckery ensue. When they aren't arguing, they're not speaking to each other. Why don't they break up? I have no idea, but it's definitely time to do so before the kid is old enough to recognize his parents are frickin' nuts.

First of all, I dislike females like this. They go through their man's phone while he's in the shower or bathroom, then confront him about some dumb crap they found. Don't go through someone's phone unless you're prepared to find some incriminating shit. The thing that ticks me off about this is that females stay with their man after finding pictures, text messages, or whatever. *taps on shoulder* Ma'am, your insecurity and stupidity is showing. Please tuck it in.

Secondly, I dislike men (aka boys) like this. He allows himself to get physically and mentally abused by some puny little female who thinks she's running the show. All of these so-called men out here always wanna front in front of their friends like they're putting their foot down to their women, but behind closed doors, he's being punked. I'm totally against violence against women, but the least he can do is leave her insecure ass. Why spend your 20s stuck in a relationship with someone you don't like? I mean, really? He must have low self-esteem if he doesn't see that he can do better. *taps on shoulder* Sir, your manliness is dripping. Please get a mop.

Both of them are addicted to dysfunction. Maybe they weren't hugged enough as children. Don't get me wrong, every relationship is gonna have it's ups and downs. You guys can always work out the kinks, but once you get to a point where you have to make a choice between arguing or not speaking, it's time to let it go. Gain some self-esteem and integrity and say “adios.” Rest in peace, your relationship.


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