18 March 2011

Society Doesn’t Care About Women

Men will be men. What does that mean? There is nothing in their biology that shows that men are susceptible for some of the fuckery in which they engage. Rappers like Lil’ Wayne, Soulja Boy and Plies can disrespect women like mangy rabies-infected dogs and receive oodles of praise by women of all races. Why? Because they are allowed to do so. Maybe some women feed off of that just like some women feed off having relationship issues so they can have something to talk about to their girls. Maybe some women are just happy to have a man. Are our standards that low?? *shrug* I don’t know.

Yesterday, my QOTD was “Why do you think there are so many articles on how women can keep a man, but less geared towards men on keeping their women?” The answers I received were:
  • "Because there are more women out there than men, so men have more "options". That's why women are told that they need to learn to keep a man, b/c if you don't treat him like a king, some other chick will.”
  • "Because socially acceptable for men to be DOGS AKA not settle down be unfaithful..etc. When society stops accepting it and women stop excusing it with phrases like.."men are dogs" "that's what men do" "well he's a guy" they let men think ev...erything that do is ok whether it be bad or good instead bein on they heads about the emotional mental and physical mistreatment of women....most of my closes friends are guys and they do what women allow them to do and what society excuses them for doing! #societyhastochange...#womenhavetochange..."Men will stay the same as long as its allowed.” Like most creatures they people and groups of people only change when they see a need...women need to keep a man to teach a man how to keep a woman!”
  • "It's been set that it's the woman's job to keep her man happy and it's his job to provide. So it'd be her job to keep him. American society set up the rules each relationship has its own dynamics but in the media thats how men/women are portrayed.”

I agree with each of these answers, but if society has it set up that way, why don’t women change it? Everyone always says, “A man is looking for this type of woman…” or “You have to do this, this and this” to keep a man, but where are a woman’s standards? Destiny’s Child’s song “Cater 2 U” talks about a woman keeping her figure right and rocking the hottest outfits, but what about him? He’s just gonna be some guy who has found his dream girl, and she’s gonna be what? Some woman who has a man? I’ll be damned.

I’m not saying that women don’t have standards or needs, but they’re silenced in society. It’s like society doesn’t care what women want. The closest things we have are songs about women leaving men for cheating and women expecting men to be ballers. *lightbulb* Oh wait, we have Salt-n-Pepa “Whatta Man.” Are there any RECENT songs about men being good fathers and good husbands? No, I’m not being a smart ass either; I really want to know because I haven’t heard any. But I've heard an infinite amount of songs about men wanting a "long-haired thick redbone" or a "ride-or-die bitch" or an "around the way girl" or... the list can go on.

If I’m wrong, please tell me.