10 March 2011

S with the Psycho Ex

Some people are crazy... psycho… one toenail away from a stray jacket and cushioned-walls. Yeah, I said it. Having sex with crazy people further stretches their mental incapacity. When will men learn not to stick their raw, vulnerable penises in fertile females who they KNOW are crazy? When will women stop thinking crazy men are equally sexy as confident men? (Keyword: confident; not to be confused with cocky). I’ll never get it, but I’m not blaming any specific sex/gender for their preference. Some, not all, men will stick their reproductive organs in anything not covered by a thong, boyshort or granny panty. And some, not all, women will open their legs to any creature that has a seemingly-spotless schlong.
Anyway, needless to say, relationships with crazy people do not always work out. Break-ups with crazy people do not always go smoothly. Once you’ve given that person your gold-plated vagina/penis, they think they have lifetime entitlement to it. Wrong!

Back in the day, I was talking to a potential beau who had a crazy ex-girlfriend. While in the middle of one of our dates, she was blowing up his phone. Yes, blocked numbers and all. She even knew how to make my number show up on his phone. She was tech-savvy and everything. After the date was over, my phone begins to ring excessively. I answered the first call. It was her. She informed me that they were still sexing on the regular and wanted to know if I had gotten that far with him yet. I had not, but I refused to answer her question. It was none of her business, especially if she’s an ex. Her bad for still giving up the goods to an ex. *shrug* Not my problem. I’m not doing him. Once the phone call ended, she went on to call me back-to-back approximately 30 times before I went to bed.

This is a perfect example of why I wait to give it up. I want to see where the relationship is headed before you’re allowed anywhere near my love hole. Needless to say, I never had sex with the aforementioned potential beau. That experience left a bad taste in my mouth.

My question is: “Why have sex with someone who you previously dated?” If it didn’t work out before, what makes you think continuing to have sex with him/her would bring him back? When people think with what’s between their legs, all rationale goes out the window. As I said in a previous blog, women don't need men to take themselves to the "other side" so the sex should never be a reason to drive anyone crazy. Sex is never going to make anyone stay with you just like a baby isn’t going to make anyone love you. I'm just sayin'

The moral of this blog is THINK BEFORE YOU BOINK.


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