03 March 2011

[Poetry] Heat

A game of wicked debauchery this is.

This sensual tango commences with liquor swishing on the tips of tongues and bodies fondling absent-mindedly in the dark.
Lips whisper filthy nothings as hands converse loudly into unseen crevices.
Cerebral absence is absorbed in the lining of moist panties.

A game of cat and mouse.
She purrs in opposition as he persuades.
It’s kismet, he insists, as she continues to resist.

Curiosity rang as seconds prove enough time for her clothing to dwindle to none.
Intrigue results in defiance demolition.
The curvature of hips sway to a melodic rhythm only heard in air pockets between legs.
Animalistic in nature, the dance continues until climax is reached.

Clothing lies in heaps on the bedside.
He pulls her closely like familiar lovers.

They just met tonight.

Regret settles comfortably between saturated strands of her hair, awaiting sobriety to emerge.


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