15 February 2011

We're All Haters, I Guess

Back in the day, being called a “hater” was a serious offense. Being a hater meant that you dislike people who are doing better than you. In other words, you were bitter. Nowadays, this term is being tossed around like monkey poop at a zoo. Nowadays, you are considered a hater for stating your opinion and it doesn’t support the popular consensus.
I’m not going to do the cliché thing and name the New Year as a reason why it should be deleted out of our vocabulary. However, I would appreciate if the term reverted back to its original definition or eliminated altogether. People use the term “hater” as an insult, but in some of the most inopportune times. Why call someone a hater because they dislike a musician or someone’s clothes? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If you’re going to argue with someone over your opinion, please expand your vocabulary when insulting them. Calling them a “hater” is like throwing their mother into the argument. It’s an insult, but irrelevant to the situation.

As a blogger, I’ve gotten used to being called a hater. Honestly, I have absolutely no problem complimenting someone on what they are doing, but that does not mean that I am going to censor myself when I have something to say. If I have an opinion, I will most definitely state it if I want to do so. When I see females acting skank-ish and unladylike, I am not being a hater. I am simply stating an opinion, as I would if I saw a male acting unmanly. In all honestly, I’m not trying to sound stuck-up or anything, but I have nothing to hate on. I am blessed and fulfilled in all of my needs. For things I want, I can work hard to get them. As I said before in another blog post, if you’re a “bad bitch,” then I’m worse.

Can we please retire the word “hater”? Or at least only use it when it actually makes sense?

Please & thanks,


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