27 February 2011

Nikera: Fashion + Music, No Models

Ranella Rocks will be the
newest face to rock
Nikera Clothing Spring
2011 Collection.

Helping others is always a great attribute if you are able to do so. That is what Nicholette Moore and Nikera Clothing set out to do. Unlike some other clothing designers, Nikera Clothing does not set out only to sell clothes, but they help others gain recognition. When you go to NikeraClothingOnline.com, you won't see models. Rather, you'll hear music--music not on the radio, but fresh, new music. Others may promote their brand as unique, they still use mainstream artists as their platform. Nikera Clothing takes fashion to another level by introducing fresh faces to represent their brand. After all, it is the younger generation that is targeted audience. We sat down with Nikera Clothing CEO Nicholette Moore and asked her a couple questions about Nikera Clothing.

P: Tell me about yourself.
NM: I grew up in Lake City, Florida. I am a 9-year Navy Veteran. I am a mother, daughter, sister, friend, and fashion designer.

P: How would you define your personal style?
NM: Classic, trendy, daring (at times). I'm a nice denim, tee, and fierce heels kinda chick.

P: How did you get into fashion design?
NM: I have been sketching since I was a kid. It's just something I picked up on my own as a child. No college courses or anything. Just natural ability, I guess.

P: What matters to you most as a fashion designer?

NM: That I create clothing that is new and interesting. That I give people a dope alternative to the basic tee in Dillard's, or the basic dress in Forever 21. That I inspire other people to chase their dreams and live according to their own personal standard.

P: Who are the members of your team? How did you all meet and conceptualize Nikera Clothing?
NM: I am the sole member of my team. Each season, my team changes. I recruit interns from different cities who are interested in adding *Assistant Designer* to their ports. I use different photographers each season as well. Right now, I have two Assistant Designers; one in L.A. and one in NYC, who have or will contribute to this year's Summer and Winter collections.

P: How'd you come up with the name "Nikera"?
NM: Nikera means "Nikki's Era." Nikki is my childhood nickname.

P: Who are some of your favorite designers? What are some of your favorite clothing stores/catalogs/websites?
NM: My favorite designers are Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs, and Betsey Johnson. If I'm online shopping, I'm usually on Bloomingdales.com, Karmaloop.com, or senseoffashion.com

P: What inspires you?
NM: The young generation; how they are so unrestricted and in their own little worlds. I love to see things that are different and unusual. These are the folks who provide us with that luxury to buy into art that is really unique. When I design a collection, I always think about them—the true trendsetters.

P: What difficulties have you faced, if any, being a woman trying to get your name and brand out there?

The Beat Geeks, the faces of
Nikera Clothing
Fall 2010 Collection.

NM: None, so far. Everyone thinks it's a man behind this label! LOL! Seriously, I have to be more aggressive than the average person, I think, especially with the music aspect of our brand. The music industry is a male dominated realm. Once I make my presence known, I am usually respected and taken seriously. I think you have to be that way in non-industry careers as well. You have earn and demand (if needed) respect to survive in this world.

On Spring Collection 2011:

P: What makes the Spring collection different than any of the others?
NM: We are using a clean black and white concept with pops of color. This collection will be very sharp. It will be just as easy for guys to wear it as girls. It will be a collection you can carry from day to night effortlessly.

P: How did you come up with the concept?

One of the new "El Aye"
Nikera Clothing men's tees.

NM: We wanted something modern yet trendy. We wanted it to be affordable so we are got rid of all of the cut and sew and just focused on everyday life and where and why people would what to rock with us. We really tried to relate more to the streets.

P: Describe the general process you go through to design and realize a piece of clothing.
NM: We have ideas, do research on fabrics and printing, and then we execute.

P: Do you consider yourself an artist?
NM: No, I do not consider myself an Artist. Perhaps, I'm modest? I just know how to bring what is in my head to reality. I don't see what is so spectacular about it. Artists are on another planet to me. They live inside of their heads 100% of the time. I'm only 80%.

P: What's your favorite part about conceptualizing a design?

 NM: Seeing become a part of reality. My favorite part is actually after the photo shoot when I see the images. It's amazing to see something that started as a simple sketch turn into something so amazing.

P: Do current trends help inspire you or are you more attracted to being different?

Netta Brielle, the inspiration
behind Nikera Clothing's
S/S 2010 Collection.

NM: Current trends are important. Especially if you are in retail stores or aspire to be. You have to be aware of what's going on in the retail market. You do not want to release polka dots dresses when stripes are hot. You definitely need to acknowledge the current trends. You can take notes and still be different and in your own lane creatively.

P: Where can we go to purchase Nikera Clothing?

I wish Nicholette and Nikera Clothing the best of blessings and success in the future. Be sure to browse their website. They will in your city next, and you don't want to miss out!


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