14 January 2011

What is Sexy?

What is sexy? Sexiness is often confused with beauty or sex appeal. Sexy has absolutely nothing to do with either. Sexy does not mean dressing in clothes that barely cover nipples, butt cheeks and camel toes. Being sexy is a lifestyle. On a female, there are 5 components that make a woman sexy.

Class - Being classy is the first step to sexiness. Classy means that you are grown and mature enough to leave the bullshit immaturity behind. Wretchedness is not a becoming feature. Despite where you grew up, class is something you can accumulate and perfect. (For example, Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman").

Personality - Though classy, you still must have something unique about you, which is your personality. You must be able to hold a conversation or debate. Your personality equates your likability.
Style - You don't have to be drop dead gorgeous, but you can look the part. Clothes play a big part of this because they are a reflection of you. Rather than wearing less clothes to draw attention to your appealing body parts, wear more clothing to add mystery, but also look classy. Your clothes don't have to be expensive or name-brand. However, if you can take clothes that aren't flashy and pair them nicely with some stilettos, you're set. Being able to look beautiful in jeans, a nice blouse and nice shoes adds class, mystery and allure.

Intelligence - Like I stated in a previous post, intelligence is sexy. You don't have to be Gretchen from "Recess," but you have to have some type of knowledge about the world around you. Even if academics is not your forte, you can be knowledgeable about other topics such as sports, cooking, insects, history...etc. Whatever that may be, it adds to your allure and mystery. Intelligence--no matter the subject--is sexy.

Confidence - Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can possess. Confidence does not mean walking around acting stuck-up or bourgeois. Confidence is walking into a room full of beautiful women and knowing that, no matter how beautiful they were, you still stand out. Confidence doesn't mean being conceited or catty. It means being able to compliment another female on how pretty her shoes, nails, jeans, hair, skin are and not feeling competitive.

Sexiness is a healthy combination of classiness, personality, style, intelligence, and confidence. Ladies, you don't have to let your body parts ooze out of your clothes to be sexy. If you possess these qualities, you are already sexy.


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