06 January 2011

Tough Love Never Caused Harm

I applaud this man. It's too many of these wannabe thugs and gangbangers online because parents allow their kids to do whatever online. My bf and I spoke about how we plan on raising our children in the future. Although I had OODLES of freedom and privacy when I was younger, my children will NOT. Technology is advancing rapidly and I refuse to see my future pre-teen on the news being killed or in someone's juvenille deliquency center for pretending to be a crip or blood. Hell no!
My older cousin went down that road. We were in the same grade. Both of us skipped grades. Despite being from a well-off family and loving, supporting family, after middle school, he decided to claim that he was from Long Beach Rolling 20's crips. Currently, I am a college graduate at the age of 20. He's 21, just had a child by some girl, plenty of dumb tattoos, still claiming he's from 20s, doesn't have a steady job, and has never been to anyone's college. While I'll applaud him for graduating high school a few years after I did, his life could have been so much different. Since 2005, we barely have said more than two words to each other. He used to steal from family members, myself included, and called himself picking a fight with my bf because he wanted to "prove" himself. Unfortunately, being civil to each other is not an option because it will never happen despite us being in the same room for long periods of time and our family being so small and close-knit.
I blame a lot of my cousin's problem on my aunt. She hid his failing grades from his father. She never wanted him to get punished for anything. Despite him stealing from her and other stuff, she's never allowed my uncle to whoop him or discipline him for long periods of time. At one point, I desperately wanted my cousin's approval, but I realized that he doesn't even care about his own family or any of the females he's "dated."
If more parents were like the one in the aforementioned video, then there will probably be less fake (and real) gangbangers out in the world (and the black community).

What do you think?

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