18 January 2011

Popping It Proudly

In loving memory of Martin Luther King, these preschool-aged kids are showing that black boys and girls can one day have the same opportunities as their white counterparts, BUT their parents will somehow find a way to eff it up. People wonder why the black community is so fucked up. I swear, there should be a law that states that all people, no matter your ethnicity or race, MUST attend parenting, etiquette, and basic humanity classes before you are allowed to be released into the world. Some people should NOT be able to have children. I don't care if the woman in the video is the children's mother or not, if she is witnessing children behaving as such, she should teach them otherwise. Being a slut should not be glorified. Putting your butt in the air is not going to get you an education. It may get you some dollar bills, but not a brain to know how to invest it properly. It may get you raped, but not a loving, faithful, non-coon husband.

If my child ever learned how to dance before she or he knew how to speak in full sentences or learned how to spell their name, they will not leave the house. Television and having locks on doors for adolescents are a privilege, not a right. This video is a perfect example of one reason why blacks can't get far in life. They teach their children how to booty pop before educating them.

This is a got damn shame! I don't care what anyone says, if your child knows how to dance, they should know how to read, write, and speak proficiently. I am one of the very few (of my black friends) who had NO rhythm, but knew how to do long division, write cursive, and spell at the age of two. I'm not bragging, but, at least, my mother had her priorities in order. To this day, I still don't know how to do the "latest" dances, but I cabbage-patched my butt across the graduation stage at the age of 20 years old. Pow!

Let's do better.

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