30 December 2010

Top Fives of 2010 Entertainment Edition


Trey Songz “Passion, Pain, & Pleasure” 
When I first got this CD, I felt a little disappointed. I was only feeling less than half of the album. However, after rediscovering Trey in my car a few weeks ago, I've come to appreciate the album a lot more. The best songs are "Red Lipstick," "The Usual," "Love Faces," "Bottoms Up," "Massage," and "Can't Be Friends."
Miguel “All I Want Is You”
Miguel is so underrated. I love this album. Although I didn't really like the techno-type songs on the album, he is an amazing singer. Each song is different and showcases his singing and songwriting skills. I really hope he makes it big. The best songs are "Quickie," "All I Want Is You," "Sure Thing," "Play Me," and "Vixen."
Rihanna “Loud”
In my opinion, Rihanna cannot sing for ish. However, I chose her album because she has fantastic producers and songwriters that make it seem like she can sing. The songs were very simple, yet catchy so my poor, misguided generation will continue to sing them in the car and dance to them in clubs. The best songs on Rihanna's album are "What's My Name?" "Raining Men," "Only Girl," "Skin," and "Cheers."
Kanye West "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy"
Kanye West has done it again. Fresh off Swiftgate, Kanye creates a masterpiece. With all of the controversy and anger spewed at him after the 2009 VMAs, Kanye had no choice but to return from his hiatus refreshed and energized. The title says it all. Kanye, being the genius that he had proven himself to be, makes his BDTF come true. With his 30-minute video for "Runaway," and his nightmare-ish lyrics in "Monster," Kanye allows his audience into his head. There aren't many words to describe this album except for what is spoken in the title. The best songs on the album are "Devil in a New Dress," "Power," "Monster," "Runaway," and "All of the Lights."
Eminem "Recovery"
 Eminem, in my opinion, had one of the best comebacks of 2010. Without as much promotion and hype as Nicki Minaj and Drake's albums, Eminem went platinum on accident, so to speak. Known as the angry white rapper, Eminem takes all of his anger and hits the ground running with "Recovery." For one of the first times, Eminem allows his audience into his head and heart in his drug addiction recovery and past domestic violence abuse. I absolutely love Eminem. The best songs on the album are "Won't Back Down," "Love the Way You Lie," "Not Afraid," "Seduction," "No Love," and "W.T.P."

Hated Songs

  • YG “Toot It & Boot It”
    • I could have possibly liked this song simply for its beat, but the quality and the message behind the song completely turned me off. Although catchy, I refused to like this song based on its intent to encourage guys to "toot it and boot it," also known as "hitting it and quitting it." The lyrics of the song are not geared towards young children. Also, I think that females shouldn't like this song because YG pretty much tells them not to like it. It should make women feel stupid because they're objectified and treated as if they aren't shit. Yes, I may be analyzing too hard, but I'm not going to sing a song that it calling me an object and a play thing. Uh-uh.
  • Cali Swag District “Teach Me How To Dougie”
    • I actually did like this song in the beginning, but, after Power 106 played it too much, I learned to hate it. Also, that annoying ass "All my bitches love me." Um, what bitches are those? And why are they bitches? This song leaves me with too many unanswered questions about this guy's bitches. Although, I must admit, I like the dance ONLY WHEN FEMALES DO IT.
  • Wacka Flocka Flame “No Hands”
    • Honestly, I'm not gonna even lie, I have no concrete reason behind my disgust with this song except that I don't like Wacka Flocka Flame's name and how he interviews. He is the personified version of the word "duh." I do, however, like the chorus, but that is it. Point blank period.
  • Soulja Boy “Speakers Going Hammer”
    • I don't like Soulja Boy. I did at one point. I don't anymore. The end.
  • Drake "Fancy"
    • I like the meaning behind the song, but the song? Not so much. I really don't like Drake. I've tried to like him. I really have, but I can't. He's a lyric recycler and doesn't give credit where it is due. Like the Sprite commercial, Drake has proven to me to be nothing but a robot. He is a manufactured rapper/prodigy who has nothing of his own. I don't have any respect for him. As for the featured artist, Swizz Beats, I don't have any respect for him either. He has kids around the planet and he leaves his wife for Alicia Keys. I can go on and on about their lack of marital respect, but I'll save it for later in the post. "Fancy" is made by two artists that I don't respect so I'll pass.
Hated Artists

  • Soulja Boy
  • Gucci Mane
  • Drake
  • Taylor Swift
  • Wacka Flocka Flame
Loved Songs

  • Rihanna “Ooh, Na Na. What’s My Name?”
  • Katy Perry “Firework”
  • Miguel “Quickie”
  • Cee-Lo Green “Fuck You”
  • P!nk “Raise Your Glass”

Loved Artists

  • Miguel
  • Sugarland
  • Jazmine Sullivan
  • P!nk
  • Kanye West

Honorable Mention Songs (aka: They Eventually Grew On Me)

  • Sugarland “Stuck Like Glue”
  • Wiz Khalifa “Black & Yellow”
  • Black Eyed Peas “Dirty Bit”
  • 50 Cent, Too Short, E-40 “Bitch”
  • Dr. Dre “Kush”

 0_0 What the Fuckery Moments

  • Keri Hilson’s video to “The Way You Love Me”
    • Two Words: Pussy Poppin'
  • Nicki Minaj & Drake’s Twitter “marriage”
    • Three Words: Publicity Stunt Fail.
  • Rihanna's attire in Eminem's "Love the Way You Lie" video
    • Three Words: What the Fuckery?!
  • The celebrity "deaths"
  • Alicia Keys & Swizz Beats’ marriage
    • While I have a lot to say on this, I won't. I just don't agree with the manner in which they went about this entire thing. In 2008 and 2009, Keys claimed that she and Swizz were "just friends," which translates to "yeah, I'm fucking him" in the non-entertainment world. In an interview, a long time ago, Keys says that she doesn't sleep with men unless they've been together for at least a year. At the beginning of 2010, she was damn-near 6 months preggers. If they were "just friends" in 2009 and she was pregnant in 2010, there are two options: 1. She could've slept with him before the year was up. 2. She's a liar. Either way, she slept with a married man and denied it until her baby bump was visible. When she fell, I think karma hit her ass back. Okay, that wasn't nice. I'm glad that her baby is safe.
    • Honorable mention: Her naming her son "Egypt"
      • Don't try to get all spiritual and shit with naming your son since he was conceived in lies and adultery.
*Have you noticed that many philanthropists are homewreckers? #ImJustSaying


  •  "Lego”
    • The correct saying is "let's go," but someone had the bright idea to drop the consonants and make the saying one word. I have a suspicion that Wacka Flocka Flame started this dropping vital letters in words shit. As a former English major, I don't approve. No, I don't always write "proper" on my blog, but I am a freelance writer also. The freelance writer in me in mentally kicking Wacka ass. By the way, what the HELL is a "wacka flocka flame"?!?!
  • "Swag"
    • It's played out. Please stop.
  • “Turnt Up”
    • "Turnt" is not a word. That is all. 

  • Death of Teena Marie ~ December 26th, 2010
    • Rest in peace, Lady T. My favorite song of hers is "Square Biz." There have been plenty of times that I have forgotten that I was at work and was blasting "Square Biz" loudly or singing "Ooh La La La" in my office like no one's business.
  • Mariah Carey pregnant with twins
    • I'm happy for her. I was starting to think that she'd never have children. I hope that her twins are healthy and as beautiful as her.
  • P!nk pregnant
    • P!nk is amazing. I'm glad that she and her husband are back together. I love that she's happy to be a mother.
  • Death of Elizabeth Edwards
    • I really don't follow politics that much, but I did know that John Edwards cheated on his wife and had a child with the side chick while his poor wife was dying of cancer. I hope he feels like shit after all he put her through, especially when she had his back in his campaign. Smh at him.

Twitter Beefs

  • Chris Brown vs. Raz-B
    • Chris and Raz-B were going at it for a while Dec. 29th. Although it wasn't right of CB to call Raz-B homosexual, I do think that he was right when he pointed out that Raz-B never came forward when he was getting money. Now that he's broke and wants Rihanna, he wanted to drag Eric Benet's and CB's name through the mud to gain some fame. CB wasn't gonna take that lying down. While I'm glad that CB won the silly beef, I think that CB shouldn't have stooped that low.
  • Karina Pasian vs. Keri Hilson
    • Karina Pasian pointed out that Keri Hilson's video for "The Way You Love Me" was trashy and was a step down for her. While Keri H. got mad and called her a nobody, I agree with Karina. Keri's video had her gyrating and thrusting her cooch all in the camera. Keri was already popular so there was no reason for her to be popping her p and licking doors. Uh-uh.
  • Lil’ Kim vs. Nicki Minaj
    • I love Lil' Kim, but I think she's too grown for this. Okay, here's my analysis on the situation. It's all Biggie's fault. Biggie left Kim for a light-skinned southern belle, also known as Faith Evans, who was/is a very popular (and classy, supposedly) R&B singer. Ever since, Lil' Kim has gotten plastic surgery after plastic surgery to become lighter and tighter. However, she hasn't been putting out music or anything. Here's where Nicki steps in. In Lil' Kim's eyes, Nicki is Faith and the world is Biggie. If Nicki is a "classy" version of Lil' Kim, then the world (Biggie) is gonna love her. Nicki's gonna take Kim's place. Lil' Kim can't have that. So it's not really Nicki, per se, that Kim hates, but it's the competition. She lost to Faith years ago and she still can't let go. To this day, she still hates Faith and still will ride or die over the corpse and legacy of Biggie. Honestly, who can blame her? In the movie, the last thing Biggie called Kim was a "bitch." There was never any closure besides him hanging up on her.  There's no getting over that, I guess.

What are you "Top Five Entertainment Moments of 2010?"



  1. You make some good points:

    1. Miguel’s debut album Is a solid production from a new artist.
    2. Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is a musically artistic masterpiece.
    3. Chris Brown & Raz B are both nobody’s at this point. Chris’ music career has been taken over by Justin Bieber. When Justin Bieber gets older someone will take his spot & so on. It’s the nature of the game. Chris is a very young, dumb black man who doesn’t understand the power of taking accountability for his actions.
    4. Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow” has a catchy beat, but it’s just as lyrically empty as any song from Soulja Boy & Wacka Flocka. People give him a free pass to talk about nothing though.
    5. “Have you noticed that many philanthropist are homewreckers?”
    Yes. Along with Christians, athletes, prostitutes, politicians, actors, musicians, men/women in corporate America & the average person working a 9-5. Infidelity is the status quo in today’s society.

    But these points have no logical basis:

    1. I’ll begin with CSD’s “Teach Me How To Dougie”. “All my bitches love me” is a part of the song you don’t like because of the use of the word bitch. 50 Cent, Too Short & E-40 make a song titled “Bitch”. How is it you like this song? The use of the word bitch is okay in this song, but not in “Teach Me How To Dougie”?
    2. Drake’s a lyric recycler. How did you come to pinpoint Drake with this conclusion? Listen to Drake’s verse in Rick Ross’ song “Aston Martin.” What part of his verse has already been said by a previous artist? Rick Ross’ verse doesn’t sound unique. Hmmm…Let’s see here. His first line in the first verse sounds mighty familiar. Maybe there’s something wrong with my ears, but his line sounds similar to LL Cool J’s “I Need Love.” Haters focus on throwing shade on Drake, which makes them look stupid. Almost everything in the music industry is recycled or sampled. Music hasn’t been original since the 60s/70s. You say he doesn’t give credit wear credit is due. Again, how did you come to this conclusion? Please elaborate because no artist gives credit where credit is due. Jay-Z says he memorized all his rhymes so he never wrote anything down. He’s correct about not writing anything down because Kanye was his ghost writer for many years before Kanye made his own lane. So not only was Kanye writing some of J’s rhymes, but he was also producing his biggest hits. That’s what “Big Brother” is about. But Jay-z still walks around saying he paved the way for these little rappers & they need to bow down & thank him for it. This type of behavior is not limited to Jay-Z & the hip hop genre. This happens with every genre & almost every artist. You say he’s a manufactured rapper/prodigy who has nothing of his own. Drake has been acting, rapping & singing long before he ever signed with Young Money, so how do you figure this? Rihanna is the most manufactured female to come along since Britney Spears, yet you support her music even after admitting she can’t sing. She went from a Caribbean sound, to a Pop R&B sound, to a Pop sound, to a re-release of the previous Pop sound, to a I just got my face pounded in, so let me capitalize off this incident & do what Def Jam says sound, to another Pop sound. Rihanna’s a manufactured artist at its finest, which is why Def Jam’s marketing department continues to swindle her. Drake comes from a musically inclined family & he keeps it real with himself. He doesn’t try to be something he’s not unlike 95% of these rappers played on mainstream music stations. His experience as an actor has already exposed him to the corporate aspect of the entertainment industry, so he’s an artist & savvy businessman. If your going to drag someone’s name through the mud, please support it with facts. You come across as a hater without the facts. Drake calls his own shots & he will always be the HNIC when it comes to his work. He’s not going anywhere.

  2. 4. Your analysis of the Lil Kim/Nicki Minaj situation is a bit confusing. How is this Biggie’s fault when Kim was nothing but a jumpoff? Biggie was married to Faith & they had a child together. What does Faith being a light skin southern bell (even though she was raised in NJ/NYC) have to do with Kim being a hoe & Biggie’s jumpoff? Biggie messed with Kim because she was a hoe. Jumpoffs dumb down their standards as a woman, then get angry when no man wants to respect them. Kim had low self esteem long before Faith came into the picture. Hence the breast implants and colored contact lenses while signed to Bad Boy Records. Only a woman with insecurities & low self esteem would get cosmetic surgery to compete for the attention of a man who does not want her. She hasn’t been putting out music because Biggie wrote her rhymes. Kind of hard to go hard on the mic when your ghost writer is dead. Nicki does not have a light skin complexion & she’s not an R&B singer, so how is she Faith Evans in the eyes of Kim. Charli Baltimore is a light skin rapper who is very familiar with Biggie’s sex skills, but she’s not suddenly coming out the woods talking about Nicki is trying to be like me. Kim had years to redeem herself & hold onto the crown, but she didn’t take that opportunity because she’s not a true lyricist. Kim is just being a bitch. Kanye isn’t crying about Drake being all over the radio taking his spot. Everyone realizes Drake’s talents, yet Kanye keeps it moving. Kanye puts in the work to maintain the top spot, while remaining respectful to a young MC in the game. Kim needs to fall back because Nicki does not have the formula to maintain longevity in the game. Your analysis is definitely skewed if you are basing all this on the movie. How old were you when Biggie reached the height of his career? The dynamics of the early 90s said way more than a 2 hour film released years after his death. Faith will always have Biggie, even with him being gone because each time she looks into the eyes of Christopher Wallace Jr she see’s Christopher Wallace Sr.
    Some of your thoughts and opinions definitely stem from a poor, misguided generation, but hopefully your generation will change in time.

  3. Hi! Thanks for commenting on the blog. I appreciate your opinion. Just like my blog is purely MY opinion, you are entitled to yours. I just want to touch on a few points you made:

    1. The reason why I like 50 Cent's song "Bitch" is because it is telling MEN not to be bitches. It isn't calling women bitches. It may not portray the woman favorably, which with I do not fully agree, but it does not designate the word entirely to women. CSD's usage of the word "bitch" is used interchangeable to the word "female" or "women."

    2. While I do not like Drake, I never said other musicians don't recycle lyrics in the same way. For this reason, I rarely listen to the radio. I don't like a lot of the artists on the radio. I pinpointed Drake because he is my least favorite. It is clear that you are a fan, and that is perfectly okay. I just don't like how many artists on the radio are manufactured to be an artist rather than just being themselves. Drake, to me, seems like a made-up and artificially-made artist, just as well as Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, etc etc. You can call me a hater if you want, as you did, but I am entitled to my opinion, which is why it is MY blog.
    3. When I asked "Have you noticed that many philanthropists are homewreckers?" I never excluded any other groups. Adultery and homewrecking is commonplace nowadays. I only asked that because I have noticed a lot of celebrities who are philathropists do it. I am in NO form excluding other people.
    4. As for the Nicki-Kim beef, it was for entertainment purposes only. I know a lot about the Biggie-Faith-Kim saga and whatnot. I am not a therapist nor am I a psychologist, I was simply entertaining the beef. I really can care less about why the Kim dislikes Nicki or whatever. My blog is for entertainment. I hold two degrees, none of which are in psychology. But thank you for your point of view on what I wrote.

    In due time, I will grow more mature and break away from this "poor, miguided generation" as you put it. I'm glad you took plenty of time out of your day/night to make such a long comment on one of the more non-serious posts on my blog.