10 December 2010

Question of the Day

Why do you think is it considered amongst many men weak for another man to be affectionate & faithful to his woman?

  • Cause men have it imprinted in their head that a man isn't suppose to show emotion. Especially towards a female. This is because there fathers or someone they looked up too has taught then that real men don't have feelings ! Its definitely sad but true. If more PARENTS taught there kids to treat women right & how to handle there emotions. There would be more successful relationship. But ppl are idiots these days ! In my opinion atleast.
  • cuhs women are the only ones with hormones and emotions according to society..men are supposed to be the structural support of the woman not be on the hormonal rollercoaster with them! haha
  • B/c to many men, any emotion (such as love and devotion to a woman) is considered weakness

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