17 December 2010

Question of the Day

What song(s) or artist(s) would make it on your "worse song/artist of 2010" list?

  • What's my name by rihanna. There were a few others but that's the one that comes to mind first.

  • I choose to pick a person. nikki minaj her music is annoying and pointless. theres no depth... only betrayal of the artist before her whos music meant something.

  • nicki minaj isn't that bad.. i heard this one song recently but i can't find it! it was actually pretty good. but i do understand where you're coming from! but yea rihanna blows.. she's gettin overplayed and annoying..

  • That hair whipping song....soo stupid

  • hahahaha poor willow smith! she's a little girl.. she needs to grow up a little more before she does anything else.. she's not proving to be much like her daddy if ya ask me...

  • that 'bed intruder' song by antoine dodson. i think rape is a serious issue / cant stand it when people trivialize sexual assault by making it the butt of the joke. i know that's not what the song was originally meant as, but people have turned it into some laughable thing

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