20 December 2010

Question Of The Day

Question of the Day: Do you think technology contributes to our generation's lack of interest in important issues of the world? Why or why not?
  • Omg absolutely. i was just having this discussion with my sisters teacher the other day. i wrote a paper on this about how we really were raised as the "i-generation". or the "google" generation. everything is at our hands in an instant. "c...ant figure something out?google it!" is what everyone responds now. or parents telling kids "go to ur room n play video games or something bc im having company over n i dont want u disturbing" their minds r so limited n restricted only to the lastest technoligical adavances that the generation of kids growing up find no need 2 go 2 a library n read a book or study journals or novels. if they find no interest in reading about our history or reading a book on the presidents how will they learn 2 b interested in the political,religious,n cultural issues happening in our world today? its easy 2 blame the "generation n technology" but it all comes down 2 how parents CHOOSE 2 raise their kids.

  • Most definitely. Kids are lazy now and they don't turn the TV on to watch the news or read the newspaper for the news either. All they care about is their video games and cell phones and stuff like that.

  • for kids, yes. for some young adults, not really.. i actually do a lot of research and sorts with technology, nowadays... but when i was younger i didn't pay any mind to any of the issues of the world. i guess it's just how you're raised and what you're interests include...

  • Yes & It Has Gotten 2 The Point That People Don't Feel The Need 2 Think 4 Themselves, That Nd Our Fuckd Up Education System

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