10 December 2010

All Men Cheat, Right?

"All men cheat." I hate when people say that! I've heard this saying from almost every single person I know. Maybe I didn't get the memo, or maybe I'm just gullible, but I find it hard to believe that all men cheat. That's like saying all women are whores. It would be more likely that some men cheat, but all??  Nope, I don't believe it.

If all men were cheaters, all women would be lesbian.
If all men were cheaters, all women would be single.
If all men were cheaters, all women would be stupid.

You get the picture. People sound plain ignorant when they say that all men cheat. I'm sorry that your last 80 men cheated on you. Have you tried looking at what you could do differently? Yes, I've been cheated on, but I am smart enough not to know not to group them all together. One rotten apple doesn't spoil the bunch. Just throw that apple on the ground and kick it as far away from yourself as possible.

Hypothetically, let's say all men did cheat. What would you do? Would you cheat in return? In that case, you can say that all women are cheaters also, considering that all men cheat and all women got revenge by cheating in return.
What would you do? Become a lesbian? Then mankind would go extinct because without men, women would not be able to reproduce because they aren't sleeping with the men.
What would you do? Sleep with whoever you wanted? Then all women would be whores because they'd be sleeping with whoever they wanted, thus giving all women a bad name.
What would you do? Stay with them regardless of their infidelity? Then all women would be dumb as hell by staying with a cheating ass dog. By staying with a man who cheats, women would be exposing themselves to STDs and other nasty ass diseases that their cheating boyfriends/husbands contracted while doing his dirt.

All men cheat, though, right? So, as a woman, you'd be calling yourself a dumb ass single lesbian by saying that all men are cheaters.

The moral of this: Think logically before categorizing an entire species because how you think of them will reflect on you.



  1. I think your taking this saying too literal. “All men cheat” is a figure of speech for how most men behave. Just like when men say “Women are catty,” “Women like to gossip” and “Women can’t drive.” These descriptions are true for some women, but not all. Also, the definition for cheating is not the same for all women. The most obvious and popular definition is a man who steps out of the relationship and has sex with another woman. Some women define cheating as a man having an emotional connection with another woman. Other women (the one’s who are extremely insecure) define cheating as a man looking at another woman as eye candy or in admiration. It just depends on each woman because you’re not giving a concrete definition of what it means to cheat. It’s a fact that men are more likely than women to have a sexual affair in a relationship because there’s research that supports this topic. I don’t think all men cheat multiple times, but I do think all men have cheated on a partner at least once in their lifetime.

  2. I really didn't take the saying seriously. I was joking with my hypothetical situations if it were true. However, I don't agree with the generalizing of any sex. The point I was making was that when people generalize, it relects on there.

    While you are correct in that there are different forms of cheating, I never specified in my blog because cheating is cheating. Whether it is emotional, mental, or physical, no one wants to be cheated on.

    I do agree with you that it is a possibility that all men have cheated on a partner at least once in their lifetime, but I wouldn't limit it to just men. I think that everyone has done it at least once out of immaturity or wahtever the case.

    I appreciate your comment and opinions on this subject.