27 November 2010

Why Can't You Spell?

I don't understand why people nowadays can't spell. Now, I must clarify before I begin this rant... There is a difference betweeen a basic typo, purposely spelling something a certain way for emphasis, or whatever other reason, and flat out not being able to spell.

  • Typos: A typo is when you mean to type "something" and end up writing "soemthing." A simple slip of the fingers. It can be easily fixed and is no big deal.

  • Purposely misspelling something: An intentional misspelling is when you spell something incorrectly for whatever reason. An example would be typing "yu" instead of "you," or "wuz" instead of "was."

  • Not being able to spell: This is pretty self-explanatory. If you can't spell, you just can't spell. Accidental misspellings include "delacat" instead of "delicate," or "dynosore" instead of "dinosaur."

Given that we now have the internet at our fingertips, there should not be any reason why people are not able to spell. iPhones have a dictionary application. There are free online dictionaries and thesaurus' on the web. There are ample opportunities to better yourself; why not take advantage?


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