17 November 2010

Should Voluntary Obesity Be Penalized?

Do you think that the parents of children who are obese should be criminalized? Or should it just be a personal problem? Why or why not?

  • criminalized? lol idk about that! but kids have a way of doing things on their own if they want it bad enough haha... i can't blame my mom for feeding me good food... especiallly cuz the first few years of my life i'd never eaten so well in my life! hahaha

  • U damn right. That's killing ur child before they have a chance to grow up

  • i thnk its a personal problem...cuhz..if the parents r fit...and the child is lazy and outta shape...then theres not much u can do...except encourage the kid to b more active..but if hes lazy..ur not gunna see much results... on the other hand...if the parents r outta shape...then its likely the child maybe also...idt the parents shud be punished ...but counseling and fitness shit needs to be put into play...

  • Definitely. As a parent you are responsible for your child's health. I get so pissed off when I see parents giving their obese child a happy meal. They're literally killing their kid one bite at a time.

  • Personal problem: b/c they saw it happening and had a chance to stop it or change it! Ain't america's problem, its that american problem!

Phoenix: I don't think they should be heavily penalized, but it should be seen as child abuse. As a parent, it is your job to protect your child from worldly evils, and this includes food. With gaining weight comes penalties. Children nowadays are very cruel and will find anything to tease. Obesity is a huge contributor to low self-esteem. I also think that children who have been teased in the past should know that when they gain weight, they will be teased. They should want to prevent that. Parents and children have a joint responsibility to keep themselves healthy.

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