04 November 2010

A Public Display of Racism

Halloween is a time that people dress up in crazy outfits and go door-to-door asking for candy. Although it's all in fun, people get the chance to be someone who they are not. While driving, I saw princesses, avatars, fairies, ladybugs, ninjas, and plenty more. However, one man in Missouri did not get the memo that it is supposed to be in good fun. A Ku Klux Klan member, he decorated his house with a model lynching of a black man at the hands of a KKK member.

In the video, he claims that he is defended by the first amendment--freedom of speech. Although he has the right to feel and say whatever he would like, he does not realize that his display is hurtful and disturbing. Fortunately, he has neighbors who are willing to speak out against his actions and make him take the "decorations" down. I applaud the two women in the video who say that his actions are outdated and wrong. However, he claims to have people praise his "white pride." There is a difference between having pride in your race or nationality, and intentionally putting down another race. For example, he could have said that he was proud to be white without having to prove it by modeling a black man being hung from a tree.

Unfortunately, this man is very closed-minded and does not have the mental capacity to understand that eliminating blacks will not make the world any better. I will not go on to explain or list the achievements of blacks because there are many, but I will say that skin color is not an indicating factor in one's morals or intelligence.

While so many people in the world are saying that racism is dead because we have a black (bi-racial) president, this video proves otherwise. Racism and prejudice will always be alive because of people like this. Unfortunately, this man is too old to change his mindset, but he is not the only person who feels this way. He is an active confederate and KKK member, thus proving that he is not the only member. There is a group of them who support his display and feelings about blacks. This is the exact reason why I am constantly urging people (specifically, black people) to do better. People like him do not want too see us succeed. Instead of attempting to physically prove them wrong, let's show them with our achievements.

While they are secretly, and publicly, opposing our success, we are helping them. We kill each other. We are drug dealers. We beat our women. We do everything to each other that they want to do to us. To them, one bad black person is a representation of all of us, but not vice versa. We're all Bigger Thomas. When one of us make it, it's an exception to the "rule" rather than an example of our capability. I say "we" because, although I am probably the "exception," I still accept responsibility for the whole. We must do better. We must succeed.


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