30 November 2010

[Poetry] Mary Jane

Eyes slither deviously from his chest to his delectable genitals.

Instantly, and unexpectedly, moisture gathers between her legs. Reflexes perhaps.

Ms. Mary Jane, as she is called, is a head turner.

Manipulation and mischief are her weapons.

Though, her aim isn't riches--sex is her drug of choice.

To the mystery man, she is a lady waiting for her prince. To her, he is another victim.

Licking her lips, she slowly strolls to her prey. Thighs thick and lifted 6-inches vertically, she knows her poison is irresistible.

A dominatrix she is as stilettos remain attached as sex is engaged. Her minuscule frame commands every inch of his flesh. Bites, scratch marks, visible bruises transpire throughout the ordeal. She ravishes about his bare body until a quiver emanates her glossed lips. She continues until the bitch in him escapes.

In the morning, he searches for evidence of what occurred in the night. No traces of the vixen. Only a kiss print left on the mirror.


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