30 November 2010

De'jon Simons: Behind the Scars

Many people use the term “I almost died” very loosely. It is used when their favorite star touches their hand, their shoes are out of stock, they get a surprise check in the mail…etc. However, De’jon Simons has not only almost died; he was not expected to live. After a horrific motorcycle accident in 2004, he was only given a 5% chance of survival. In the accident, he suffered third and fourth degree burns to 97% of his body. De’Jon has proved that there is a God, and there are such things as miracles. Not only has De’Jon made his second chance at life great, but he has accomplished so much within the 7 years since the accident. Besides just being known for the tragic events, he is famous for his talent in the fields of writing, designing, and motivational speaking.

  • Tell me about yourself
    I’m a survivor, free soul, free thinker, open mined, but never naïve or gullible. I breathe art whether it is designing or writing inspiring pieces.

  • Where is home?
    I was born and raised in the small island of Bermuda. Even though I am frequently back and forth to the US, I reside here. (In Bermuda)

  • The accident occurred in 2004. Do you remember what went through your mind as the accident was happening?
    My accident happened on July 24th 2004. I don’t recall anything during the accident, that day has been completely erased from my memory as if it didn’t exist. I wish I knew my thoughts, but as I said I didn’t know what was occurring. The only thing I remember is the night before; in detail.

  • How long were you in a coma?
    Just over six months following the accident.

  • How long did it take you to fully recoup?
    It took my awhile mentally to recover, but physically I was up and walking in about a month. I always pushed myself, but the PT’s (Physical Therapists) pushed back harder so I guess that what made recover so fast after they thought it’ll take me years to bounce back; physically that is.

  • What were you like before the accident? How did your personality change from that until now?
    I was a goofball. Always have been, always will be. I’ve always been humorous, and outgoing. My personality is just really outgoing, some tend to say I am a complete charmer and I was also extremely athletic. My trainer before my accident said that’s probably the reason why I pulled through because of how physically fit I was beforehand.
    As for the changes after, I would just say my perspective, and maturity towards certain situations. I haven’t really changed at all personality wise which I guess why many admire me. Not to sure though, it could be my corny jokes…

  • Do you have any regrets?
    Life with regret or self guilt kills you slowly. Worrying about something that happened will always drain you. I know everyone makes mistakes, but regretting is just more self inflicting pain. So no, I don’t regret anything.

  • Do people look at you differently because of your scars?
    People will always look different towards me out of curiosity. What they don’t know is that I am fine with it.

  • Whose idea was it for the documentary?
    The idea had actually derived from a safety council located on the island. They approached me with the opportunity, and being that I had the chance to change or even inspire others, I decided to go with it.

  • Was it difficult exposing yourself to the world on camera for the world to see?
    Not entirely. Even though back then during the time of taping the documentary I was still getting adjusted to my looks I was never camera shy, my personality wouldn’t allow me to hide. It’s probably difficult for me to even try.

  • What made you want to share your story?
    My mother probably influenced me the most in that direction. She always seen something in me that I never could, so like I stated before, I just went with the opportunity.

  • Were you writing before the accident? If so, did it give you more inspiration?
    I’ve been writing since I was about twelve years old. Back then it was just a hobby I suppose, and I wasn’t as lyrically strong as I am today. The accident did change a lot and give me a more of “in depth” perception with life, but my writing is more of a mental release. Sometimes the mind speaks words, but my soul writes sentences… My writing is a huge part of me nowadays.

  • How did you get into designing?
    Designing was another hobby since I was young. I used to draw a lot; I even wish I still could if I had the time. I didn’t really take it serious til’ my Dad was told me how good I was and suggested studying it at college level.

  • What is your favorite thing to design? (i.e. t-shirts, tattoos, websites… etc)
    I would say my personal pieces. I can design anything requested really, but I put a lot more of my soul & emotions into my own art.

  • What are you currently working on?
    I’ve actually got a few projects on hand which will come into play in the following year. I would say the biggest is my tell-all biography.

  • How long does it take you to design something?
    It depends on the design. Some designs could take a few hours or less while other more detailed designs could take days. It’s really mentally draining sometimes.

  • As a writer, what inspires you?
    Life; simple as that. Life offers plenty varying from the people in it to the obstacles we get over, it’s just up to you to recognize what ignites your soul.

  • How does it feel to be a father?
    I have no words on how to explain it, but just know it has been the best thing I have ever experienced in my life so far.

  • Is there anything that you hope your son would learn from you?
    I hope he learns how to deal with life as it emerges in front of him.

  • For those who want to be designers or writers, do you have any words of advice?
    Breathe your soul into existence.

Thank you for interviewing with Pink Brass Knuckles, and sharing your story. You are truly an inspiration to so many people. I wish you continued success and blessings in all you do.

De'jon's documentary can be found at: http://vimeo.com/16870597
His writing is on his website: http://www.behindthescars.net/


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