08 November 2010

Bombshell: Beauty, Brains, Brilliance!

In this day in time, women are rarely taken seriously when they open their mouths. They are expected to be vixens and freaks rather than hard-working, intelligent human beings. Between Nicki Minaj's ridiculous antics and Lady Gaga's outrageous outfits and behavior, it is no wonder men see women as a form of entertainment instead of their counterparts.

I wrote this blog not only because I like to vent, but because I like to spotlight people who are making waves, especially women. In my on-going quest to point out phenomenal women who defy common expectations of them, Jessica Latumeten stood out to me as a great illustration. She's beautiful, young, and extremely talented... And that's not even the beginning of it.

Tell me about yourself.
To tell you a little about myself my full name is Jessica Latumeten. I am Cali born and raised. I'm 20 [years old], currently reside in Downtown LA. My two careers are care giving which I've been doing for about 3 years, and Freelance Graphic Designing which I got into when I dropped out of A.I (the art institute), and I just got signed to Nikera Clothing about two months ago.
Where is home?
Home to me is wherever I can be most productive and I feel most accepted, which is currently Los Angeles. I grew up in Orange County in Cali.

Why did you become a photographer?
I became a photographer because I feel like I see the world and all the things in it a different way from a lot of people, and through photography I can capture these things and show the world something different. I want to move people, create emotions, and show weird as pretty. I also want to show that everything that you think or create in your mind is possible to create, if you really try.

Being a woman in your profession, did you find it more difficult to get your name out there than if you were a male?
Umm... As a female, I didn't find it harder to progress in my profession as a designer. I did find that guys sometimes try and flirt while trying to network with me, but I keep it business. I never ever really thought about the topic like that, as in sexes. I just always worried about me and my work and constantly getting better because when you start worrying about everyone else in the world you fall off. I always knew that my work would speak for it self when it needed to, so I never really stressed it because the truth would prevail through my work.

What is your favorite subject to photograph?
My favorite subject to photograph is my family and friends, those that I feel most comfortable with. And street photography. I LOVE LOVE LOVE photographing in Compton, San Francisco, Wilmington, East Los Angeles, and Los Angeles.

Do you have a favorite camera or lens to use?
I don't really have a favorite camera except for the one that I have now. My Canon XSI, I think lol. It has a long and short lens, no filters right now. Just raw photography. As long as I get a real clear picture, I'm good. I also don't like really editing my pictures unless I'm trying to portray something real abstract.

Do you ever feel like you could put down your camera and walk away from photography forever?
No, I don't feel like I can just put my camera down and say goodbye to it. It's too personal at this point in my life.

You're now working with Nikera Clothing, right? How did that come about?
Yes, I am currently running with Nikera Clothing. This came about two months ago. I found Nicole (the owner/CEO) through networking with artists. I use to help Nicole with packaging for her line. About two months ago, she asked me to be the Assistant Designer for the line, and have been doing so much work since then. I'm satisfied to the fullest.

Have you collaborated with any other companies yet?
I have not collaborated with other lines yet.

What is the most challenging aspect of your job?
Everything about my job challenges me. Thus, I love it, and work at it everyday.

If someone asked you, "How can I become the next Jessica Latumeten?" what would your response be?
If someone asked me 'How can I become the next Jessica Latumeten?' my response would be to be true to yourself, never let anything stop you. Whatever you imagine you want to do that you feel can also benefit others, do it. Don't let or allow anything to stop you and it can be achieved. Try harder than you want to everyday, and practice your talent to the extent that it hurts you! Hustle and Network!

What is your favorite photo you've taken thus far?
My favorite I have taken thus far is when I was in San Francisco about a year and a half ago behind the White Walls Gallery where Shepard Fairey posted all of these Obama posters where it also had some work done by Mike Giant. Two of my most favorite street artists. It was such a turning point in life when Obama was running.

Can you tell me the true basis of your inspiration?
My true inspiration is how beautiful real life is, that things are so delicately beautiful and unseen that people can't even see it and I get this urge to capture and expose it.

What is your most treasured possession?
My most treasured possession is my love for my family and what I would do for them.

What is your idea of absolute happiness?
My idea of absolute happiness is just that, happiness. As long as my family and my sisters are okay, I'm okay.

How do you escape the stress of the world?
I express the stress of the world by not stressing about it, I'm too positive for all that.
Do you have any advice for any up-and-coming photographers?
My advice to any up and coming photographers is to keep it up everyday and do it whenever you feel it, eff what people think and how they stare it. If you let little things like this stand in your way, you will not get very far. Life is too big to ever stop progressing. Practice, and learn everything you can from everyone you can. Don't ever be scared to learn, and never let fear be a factor that stops you from anything. Good luck everyone.
Jessica Latumeten can be found at:
The girl is dope!



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