04 October 2010

Question of the Day

Why are women attracted to bad boys?

  • "Because Their Natural Motherly Instinct Makes Them Want Somebody Who Truley Is In Need 2 Be Cared 4"
  • "because of the challenge!"
  • "cuz women can be stupid"
  • "attracted to what they not used too like Eve & the apple attracted to something somebody always told not to have"
  • "I don't know but it makes absolutely no sense. Then they complain when they do them dirty, and what do they do go get one that is worse then the last. Smh"
  • "Cause they're dumb as hell"
  • "Because of the danger of it, until that bad boy go upside their head."
  • "I think cause the girl isn't ready to settle down and also cause she likes the chase a little bit."
  • "bc good guys are predictable! bad boys have an edge to them! tsk tsk tsk!"
  • "maybe they believe that THEY can end up changing/finding that sweet, charming, good guy underneath the rough exterior... ?"

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