01 October 2010

Question of the Day

Is it wrong for you to go out and have fun when your significant other is mad at you and needs space?

  • "I suppose so u still r ur own person but at the same time I think if u did something wrong u should definitely not go out and u should make up with ur significant other."
  • "hell to the fuck na...."
  • "lol why [referring to person above]? just curious.. i dont disagree at all, but i wanna know why you feel that way"
  • "because at the moment you are mad! lol"
  • "ohhhhh! and you might do something out of character?"
  • "Hell na I said mad not stupid! lol"
  • "HAHAHA lol i guess i get stupid when i get mad! =P that's why i try not to get mad ever!"
  • "See thats why u just gotta be single! lol"
  • "i AM! hahaha i'm scared to get into a relationship cuz i know how i am.. well..... that's a good thing though right? at least i'm not out ruining people's lives that i care about! haha"
  • "U stay that way....u will never be married!!! lol having casual sex sometimes is ALOT more fun.... "
  • "hahaha i'm too young to be worried about marriage... especially since i'm single haha"
  • "AMEN!!!!"
  • "No...Let him/her be in their own world for the moment, especially if you did it and you recognized, communicated and they're still mad...SEE YA....LOL"
  • "I would say yes because if I'm the one mad at him ima bee out not thinking about the situation plus it gives u a chance to be around things that help u not miss the old life u had"

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