13 October 2010

Pimps, Hoes, and Babies

I hope that the guy on the video gets caught and arrested for hitting that woman. The public was so quick to crucify Chris Brown for beating up Rihanna, but the commenters on YouTube claim that the pregnant woman deserved to get hit for talking so much shit. Despite her talking so much, or whatever, that man had no right to put his fists on her. Had Rihanna been pregnant and talking this much to Chris Brown in that car that night, she'd still be the victim, correct? Exactly.

Along with the fighting in a Burger King parking lot, another big issue I have is the narrator. He is constantly yelling, "Beat that bitch!" Why must he yell it so ignorantly, and refer to these women as bitches? Maybe they aren't being as classy as some other women, but why is he so loud and obnoxious about calling them out of their names? He'd probably be the first one to knock someone out if they called his mother or grandmother a bitch, so what is the difference?

Point #3: Pimping. I've never understood the purpose of a pimp. If anything, take the Kat Stacks route and be an entrepreneur. Why give all of your money to a low-down triflin' ass man when you can keep it all since you did all of the "work" anyway? If I was going to open my legs for any amount of money (which I am NOT), I'd keep all of my hard-earned money to myself. *Kanye shrug* Maybe that's just me.


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