19 October 2010

Good Hair Day Everyday

This video is so long overdue. There is so much self-hatred in the black community. We always want to wear contacts or add weaves to our hair. Now, I'm not saying that we can't enhance what we have, but wishing to be someone completely different is the issue that I am addressing. When I was in my senior year of high school, I had gotten tired of my brown hair so I went blonde. I kept the blonde hair for about a year and a half before changing it back to brown so I can be taken more serious in college. Now that I have graduated college, I am now back to blonde. I have no interest in being white, but I love how it looks on me. I've also discovered that with a bit of "Mixed Chicks" leave-in conditioner, I can wear my hair curly so I don't have to continue pressing it.

In high school, I went through the stages of wearing weaves and contacts. I let go of the colored contacts in high school and occasionally donned the weave/extensions when I didn't feel like being bothered in the mornings. I love my hair! I was born with thick hair that came down past the middle of my back. Now, it isn't as long from years of damage, but I still love it regardless. My boyfriend's hair is even longer and he wears it braided. His hair is thicker than mine, which means that possibly our future children will have very thick hair. I want them to appreciate their hair whether it is thick or thin, long or short.

I hope that this video will teach children that the hair that they were born with is beautiful no matter how it is worn.

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