22 September 2010

A Sin is a Sin is a Sin

I know many people are probably going to dislike what I am about to say, but *shrug* I don't care. Lately, I have seen a plethora of former classmates popping up pregnant. This is not the problem. My problem is that many of them have children by deadbeat men who do not want to become fathers. When these men ask them to have an abortion, many respond, "Oh, I don't believe in abortion." This is where my problem begins.

How can you even fix your lips to say that you believe that abortion is wrong when you laid down and had premarital sex? THEN you wanna complain that you have a worthless *blank* *blank* *blank* piece of *blank* baby daddy?! Let's be real here. You knew what the situation was while you were fornicating with the asshole in the first place. If not, after he asked you to have the abortion, you definitely knew what kind of man you were dealing with then. If you chose to have the child, then don't complain that he is not in the child's life because he didn't want to have it in the first place.

In going hard on the women, I also believe that the men are to blame also. Despite the many risks of having unprotected sex, you decided to sleep with a woman who you knew could possibly end up pregnant. When she came up pregnant, you wanted her to have an abortion for whatever reason. Whether or not you were financially and mentally prepared for a child, this woman still ended up pregnant. Maybe she was trying to "trap" you. Regardless of the reason, your sperm fertilized this woman. Therefore, you should take some type of responsibility for your actions.

Let's say that, hypothetically, both parties decide to have a child despite being ready because they do not "believe" in abortion. What is the difference in believing in abortion and believing in premarital sex/fornication? A sin is a sin is a sin. No sin is bigger than the next.

I'm just sayin'. What's your opinion?


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