23 September 2010

Sexy Sesame Street

So, there has been so much controversy over this?! Sesame Street is said to have pulled the Katy Perry segment from their show because of her cleavage. First of all, little kids know that women have breasts. Their mothers have breasts and, if they are females, they will grow breasts at a certain point in their lives. Second of all, Katy Perry isn’t Queen Latifah with a bustier on. She is probably a B- or C-cup at most. They aren’t big enough to put anyone’s eyes out, and her bustier isn’t diverting anyone’s attention to her bosom. It isn’t like she’s wearing one of her sparkly outfits from the “California Gurls” video. I mean, it was probably hot on the set so she had on a simply camisole.

Sesame Street is getting to be ridiculous. I’m not saying that it is right, but I’ve seen 6-year old girls wear less clothing than Katy Perry. While I understand that Sesame Street wants to maintain their clean image, I think that they went overboard. They fail to realize that children will see Katy Perry as simply one of their favorite singers rather than a woman who is exuding sex appeal by wearing a camisole on a hot day.

Your opinion?

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