28 September 2010


Some women are just triflin'! Parents are given the chance to mold their children into better people than they are. They want what is best for them. Unless you have money, not many parents are spotlighted for their accomplishments. Then there comes this dumb ass. She not only smokes marijuana in front of her daughter, but she gives it to her. Then her dumb ass captures it on camera with her cell phone.

First of all, why would you smoke pot in your child's presence? Not only is that bad parenting, but stupid. If you want to have your own "fun," then do it elsewhere. This little girl is trying to watch cartoons, but dumb ass over here keeps pretty much forcing the joint down her throat.

Okay, I don't have children nor do I smoke. While I don't enjoy it, I'm not going to knock others for it. As a person, I want to be financially and mentally ready for a child so that I could offer them the best life possible without them needing or wanting anything. While I know that I probably will make mistakes along the way, I am not going to intentionally do things to make them fail. The mother on camera is potentially exposing her daughter to drug usage in the near future. If Mommy does it, and offers it to be, it must be fun and safe, right? Wrong.

Black women already have reputations as bitter and uneducated, so why would this woman put her business on camera? She not only exposed her triflin' ass lifestyle to the media, but she also gave them permission to have these thoughts about all of black women/mothers. Although most mothers aren't like her, others who already have a prejudice about black mothers will believe that they are.

Truly fuckery at it's best.

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