22 September 2010

Question of the Day

Would you attend a church where the pastor/priest was openly homosexual?


  • "depends if he just composed himself as a man I judge no one that's Gods job"

  • "he wouldn't be able 2 tell me a darn thing so nope! Everytime he said 'stay outta clubs' I'd say 'stay outta men'!"

  • "I'm there to hear the Word. Not judge ones lifestyle. So sure why not"

  • "If I was more religious and went to church on a regular basis, I would most definitely go, without a doubt. The most important thing would be going to the same place to worship God. :)"

  • "Of course I would. It doesn't make a difference I would be there for worship"
  • "Nope...."
  • "No"
  • "No"
  • "no one should know about anyone else's sexuality... i don't see it as a problem to be gay, but don't be openly -ANYTHING- while you're leading a group of people like that......"
  • "it's personal... shouldn't be anyone else's concern what you do in your own home

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