19 September 2010

Question of the Day

Is it mentally cheating if you dream about another person other than your significant other?

  • "Only if u felt guilty wen u woke up...that means u have feelings for tha person u dreamed of..."
  • "That's a tough one. but everyone has fantasies plus u can't control ur dreams. As long as u don't act on what happened in ur dream in real life I think its fine."
  • "Is it someone you know well? lol then you should be worried.... if it's a celebrity or someone you barely know it could just be a physical attraction... if it's someone you know well then it might be more of an emotion plus physical attraction which could be harmful... depending on the dreamer... lol"
  • "Its harmless as long as u not acting on it. I dream of Trey Songz but I'm not sleeping with him"

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