13 September 2010

Question of the Day

If your friend made [or is about to make] a really big mistake, do you think it's right to tell her despite it possibly ruining your friendship, or let him/her learn on their own?

  • "tell them in the nicest but firmest way possible, then let them know you will love them no matter what decision they make, but you're just looking out for them"
  • "idk giving your own opinion is fine.. but i know plenty of people who like to learn on their own. it really depends on the person... since you're friends with the person, you should be able to know if telling them advice or your own opinion is allowed/necessary.. "
  • "U should tell them. They may not like it but they'll get over it. But be subtle u do love your friend"
  • "I would and only a true friend wouldn't take it as offensive- if they do- then they don't deserve my friendship"
  • "yes the friendship will only get ruined out of ignorance. if ur pressing the situation too much cuz in their mind it may not be a bad decision. its all opinions at the end of the day"

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