10 September 2010

Question of the Day

What is the purpose of a pick-up line, & what is the worst/funniest one you've heard?

  • "Its to get to see if ya'll will put out on the first night!! Naw, j/k...lol. Its to start some sort of convo that could lead to something else. Gettn to know u, or just chillin w/you. 'Dayum, i would LOVE to climb yo ladder to the top!!' "
  • "The worst pick-up line i heard was. "Let me use your phone, because i lost mine! Now you have my number Call me.." What a joke.."
  • " aye u dropped something.." wat? "our conversation, lets pick it up right here, hey my name is..."
  • "For 1: If U Still Use Pick Up Lines, you're WEAK. 2: They're 2 Grab Interest 3: The Worst I Heard Is "I Eat Pussy" "
  • "purpose: men are bored worst/funniest: hi I'm a photographer, can I take a picture of you.."

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