09 September 2010

Question of the Day

Men, are you comfortable enough in your sexuality to buy your girlfriend (or even just a friend) tampons?


  • "Yep, Been Doin' For YEARS Now (Pads Though)"
  • "I got my baby daddy knowing the name brands and sizes and how many grams all that...he goes to the store and calls like "baby (my ex now) did u say Kotex?" lmao great question!"
  • "If ur comfortable wit ur girl and confident in yourself then HELL YEAH its ok to get em. If u get embarrassed about it, u may one of those dudes whose level of pride prevents them from helping out. Ive bought some for an ex and wasn't trippin. Extra padding w/wings for those heavy days. LMAO!"
  • "Yeah. I would. So I can help plug the bleeding.. Lmao"
  • "Sure, I dont see why not."

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