03 September 2010

Question of the Day

How much does physical appearance matter in a relationship?

  • "i'd say about 57.9%"
  • "Looks aren't everything as long as u can carry urself with class while in public with me then we're good"
  • "‎49.99%, haha, it's always about the personality, ethics, and morals, haha." -Zahid A.
  • "I'd say 30%"
  • "i think after a certain amount of time spent with a mate, one should be comfortable enough to be themselves"
  • "Alot. You should wanna look good for ur sig other as well as urself. "
  • "Not much but it helps out alot its harder for me to fall for an unattractive guy but I will give him some chance tho I have went out on dates with guys that were just not good looking"
  • "it matters in dating..once your past that its the intimate special inner beauty that matters! but that doesnt ever mean let yourself go! haha still gotta be his eye candy!"

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