01 September 2010

Questions of the Day

Why is there even still a debate of light skin vs. dark skin?


  • "because chocolate ice-cream is better than vanilla ice-cream lol"
  • "I wasn't aware that there was..."
  • "Have you ever read "the color complex", it has all the answers! But I too wish we could move past it... along with all those other inequalities in our society."
  • "Unfortunately racism lives in all of us....even when it comes to ur own kind.....SMDH"

Why do black women dislike seeing black men with non-black women?


  • "can't speak for all, but i don't dislike it. i dislike the brothas who think its better that way"
  • "because they're self-conscious and think that every black man is rightfully theirs because he's black"

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