30 September 2010

Power of the Party Pooper

As we get older, our bodies start to change. As an infant, soon after birth, our teeth begins to grow in and we learn to walk and talk. In middle school and high school, the male voice gets deeper and the female hormone balance begins to teeter. In your college years, or the years after high school, you go through a few physical changes, but the most change occurs in your mentality. You go from being a teenager, worrying about the smallest things, to an adult, trying to balance your social and professional life. As an adult, you have more challenges in your life. You often wonder how you can become as financially independent of your parents as possible. You must make decisions about the material objects that you want and the necessities that cannot wait.

Unfortunately, some people are unable to differentiate between adolescence and adulthood. Given that I was forced to grow up at an early age, I seem to be mature for my age. Currently, at the age of 20, I do not find myself going to clubs or parties as I probably "should." I have other priorities. I have bills to pay and I'd rather hold on to my $20 so I can save it or buy something that I've been wanting for a while. I am "the married one" in my group of friends so why do I need to be at a club with single females dancing with random guys? What they're looking for in clubs, I already have at home.

In high school, I had a whole other mentality. I was in my teenage years and didn't have credit cards and bills to pay on a monthly basis. I had a job and my own money. I didn't let anyone tell me anything. Though I wasn't the type to go to clubs, I threw plenty of house parties and was overall, a wild child. I was a nerd during the week, but on weekends where I didn't have anything to do, I made sure that every hour on Friday night through Sunday night was booked.

Now that I've graduated college, many of my old high school friends look to me to return to that high school state of mind. They expect me to be at every one of their parties and "functions." Now that I've grown up, I do not have time to "function" with them. I work a 9-5 during the week and a 6-10 on Fridays and Saturdays. The time that I do get off, I want to spend time with my significant other, read a book, or simply relax.

At the age of 20, my definition of fun has changed. In high school, it was "let's drink; let's party, and do everything we can to not get caught." Now, I'd rather go to an amusement park or have game night at my house. I've calmed down a lot since high school. Many can say that I'm "boring" now, and I admit, I can probably get out of the house more, but, at some point in our lives, we must all grow up.

Marilyn Monroe asked if it's better to be absolutely ridiculous or absolutely boring. I'd say that I'd rather be boring because, at some point, I'm going to have children. I don't want my children to have someone tell them that Mommy got drunk at a party, stripped on a table, and passed out in someone's bathroom clutching a teddy bear.

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