13 September 2010

[Poetry] Pandora's Box

Liquor and guilt-stained lips fondle in a crowded bar parking space
Conscience and moisture simmer between her legs as he ravishes
Handfuls of already-wild jet black locks

♫ I wanna be your man… ♫
Only for one night
Maybe just 30 minutes

Tongues caress and dance a forbidden tango only couples do
Sweat, sin, and sex seduce them into a sultry game of
Cat and mouse
Backseat sex

Territory vowed prohibited to the public becomes another’s once
Inside the confines of a disheveled muscle car
One man’s property, another man’s quick rest stop

A tempter of trouble, he lures her in with
Promises of pleasure, potion, and privy

While under the spell of spirits, a femme fatale she becomes
Reciprocating enticement with mellifluous words of hope and kismet

Unknowingly opening Pandora ’s Box, they indulge…


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