24 September 2010

If You're Bad, Then I'm Worse

If you are such a bad bitch, why must you announce it? If you're bad and you feel like you have to announce it, then I must be worse because I don't have to speak about it. *Shrug* Why must you call yourself a bitch to prove your point? Does it make you feel good? Does it contribute to this image that you must portray?

I will admit, I went through my stage in my early years of high school of saying, "I'm not 'a' bitch, I'm 'the' bitch. Get it right, and know the difference," but that was in HIGH SCHOOL. I was on a mission to prove myself. I was one of maybe five black girls at an all-girl school in Lakewood, a city where old white people went to retire. I was hated by ALL of the black girls, and I needed to give them a reason to hate me. It was immature, and I realized that by my 11th grade year.

These so-called "bad bitches" I've seen are over the age of 19, and give me no insight as to why they're so bad. Yeah, you have pink hair, big boobs and tattoos, but that's probably all of LA. Do you have pink hair, big boobs, tattoos, and pay your own bills, have a set career, and have an education? Oh, no? After you get all of that, talk to me about being bad.

I'm not claiming to be the baddest anything, but I'd say I'm living quite nicely. What makes me bad is my education. I have two degrees at the age of 20. I'm not tooting my own horn. I'm stating a fact. I'm bad because I don't have to declare it all over Facebook, Twitter, and any other platform for others to see. People can tell I'm bad whether I'm at the grocery store in a pair of sweats and a tank top, or if I'm in some 6-inch stilettos and a skirt. It's in the way that I walk with a slight twist in my hips and let off an aura of confidence in everything I do. I don't need to prove how bad I am on these social networks by wearing little-to-nothing in a 5-centimeter profile picture.

Like I said, my education and my confidence make me bad. If you don't think so, then, hey, whatever. I just know that if you're bad, then I definitely must be worse.


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