28 September 2010

Chivalry is a Two-Way Street

There used to be a time where men opened doors, paid for the bill, and asked the woman's father for her hand in marriage. There also used to be a time where women weren't allowed to work. As we have seen, times have changed.

Women, now, have taken control over their lives. Nowadays, women are damn-near equal to men. They work jobs and are in positions of high power while also holding down a household. Single women and single mothers are possibly one of the most determined group of people in the world. They actually have a logical reason to want to succeed in life. However, they also are the most demanding people relationship-wise. While I understand that they have high standards, I also believe that if a woman is confident and independent, she should feel comfortable approaching men.

As women, we want to be treated equally to men, but we still expect them to approach us like we are the "fairest of all maidens awaiting a savior." Personally, I feel like a woman should be able to approach men if we are interested. If I were single and I happened to spot a man who I thought I would want to get to know, then I'd approach him. By approaching women, men risk being humiliated and rejected. Why shouldn't women do the same? I'm a woman, but I understand that rejection and humiliation is a part of life. As a confident woman, we should be able to bounce back from rejection without any qualms.

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