24 September 2010

Lance J aka Mr. Once Again It's On

There's this guy on Twitter. You may have recognized him. His name is @LanceJOAIO. He's a producer, songwriter, and an artist from Hawthorne, California. He recently started a blog called http://www.onceagainitson.net/. It's a pretty dope blog. He not only talks about music, but he also talks about movies, new trends, and what's really good in the 'hood. I know what you're thinking... "Aren't all blogs about that?" My answer is "No!" This blog is unique because it not only relates to music, but to people who don't know about life outside of the suburbs. He lets you know that life is not always peachy keen. In addition to him putting you up on game, he allows you to delve into him as a person who is insightful, yet doesn't always have the answers. He's human and doesn't pretend to be otherwise. That's the reason why you should peep his blog.

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