04 August 2010

[Poetry] The Extinction of Musical Telepathy

There was once a time where I could block out the bullshit of the world simply by turning on the radio.
No particular song needed to be played. The radio and I were telepathic lovers. Hearts and minds intertwined and locked in like Bob Marley's mane.
I would close my eyes and the music would carry me away into an euphonious lethargy. He and I were one.
An exclusive couple yet in an open relationship. Maybe I should have known that the day would come when he'd leave. No strings were attached and no vows were spoken.
Public denouncement.
I sat there.
Waiting for the chance to win his heart back.
Every now and then, a reminiscent melody would play, but we both knew it was over.
This love affair of ours will never be again.


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