26 June 2010

Why, Helllllooooo!

I am now blogging as a college graduate! ....who, by the way, is also a very stressed out human being. But it'll get better....
  • Sadly, I haven't written anything since my last post. Maybe it was a fluke talent? *Shrug*
  • I've managed to maintain my twitter account (it's an addiction at this point)
  • I need one more class to finalize my degree (too damn expensive so... not gonna happen for a while)
  • me & BF are getting a place!!
  • i am now 20 years old!!
  • i have 3 part-time jobs & still low on finances, sadly.
  • i have an interview for an editing job on July 6th :) :) :) !
  • me & mom are back on speaking terms (long story, same ish, different day)

Ummm... I think I've covered it all. Actually, one more thing, I got a 3.4 last semester!!! Woot woot! After much thought, I've realized that I work best when I'm stressed & under pressure. I worked two jobs that semester, and got some kick-ass grades.

Now that summer has arrived, I'm even more stressed. But the BF is helping me soo much. Love him much! Once I get the inspiration to write again, and we get our place, I'll definitely be an extremely happy camper.

Soon enough, I'll be back once again.


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