19 March 2010

Women & Power: Nikki Blak

Last night, my class had our "Women and Power" event in celebration of Women's Month. While I enjoyed it a lot, what really caught my eye was the poet who performed, Nikki Blak. She is AMAZiNG!! I haven't wrote poetry in so long. As she was performing, I felt myself getting a little inspired.

This morning, I went to work (grudgingly) at 8am and read Nikki Blak's blog (blakhandside.blogspot.com) for a whole hour. How she speaks her mind and her poetry makes me wanna give up on life. Not really, but she is so talented. She tells it like it is without losing who she is. She's not Ms. Giovanni or Walt Whitman or Emerson, yet she's as good as them respectively. I have a new poetry idol. I will definitely be stepping my poetry game way high.

Inspiration comes in all forms. Nikki Blak is possibly 5 foot even, free from hair restraints, and has a voice that commands attention. As a future middle/high school teacher, I need to learn that.

YES YES YES! Thanks Ms. Blak for the inspiration!


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