16 January 2010

2 Weeks into 2010

Question: Is it "twenty-ten," "-ten," or "two thousand ten"?
Happy New Year to all, and all a happy new year.

It is now a new year and a new decade, and I have high hopes. For now, I'm excited for this semester [starting in 3 days] because I'll be graduating in 4 months! I will have my B.A. in English! Yay!! I'm taking 5 classes which require 22 (text)books. Not a fun thought, but graduation by any means necessary.
Anyway, I have narrowed my grad school applications down to three, but a possible four:
-LMU (the school I'm at now)
-USC (my dream school)
-APU (a pretty good school)
-Otis (a school that is nearby, but not my dream) -- obviously, this may get removed.

I need to take the GRE and the CBEST, which are scary! lol. Hopefully, my inner procrastinator will cease to exist once school starts so I can manage to study for and register for these tests. Time and money are the major themes of this year for me.

Anyway, I am attempting to write a new poem right now. So it should be done in a few days or hours. I'll be posting as soon as it is done :)

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