08 December 2009

[Poetry] Round for Round

The heart blinds your eyes to what needs to be seen
We claim we fight to love
But there's no love in our fights
Screams and curses make those green in eye leap in triumph
Many times, we've stood on the brink of solidarity
Only pulled back by the slippery fingertips of hope
Love ensues until tragedy strikes again
Not-so-silent revolutions begin over the phone about who so-and-so is and why so-and-so did this-and-that
Explanations help none
Rational trains of thoughts derail before leaving the station
Unexpected *clicks* end sentences before periods and pauses do
Long-awaited days pass before sex is had and curses are a result of ejaculation and elation
Not frustration and miscommunication
Smiles on faces remain until frowns replace them
One day, we'll get it right
I just know that the silver lining on clouds is really platinum


  1. WOW! ;) I had just "stumbled accross this beautiful blog, and like most of the worlds beautiful yet hidden treasures, i was amazed at how honest, and innocently artistcaly this particular peom has been constructed. WOW...IS all i must say.
    peace & blessings.