31 December 2009

2010 is 1.5 hours away!!

Let's see..... I usually don't do this whole New Years Resolution stuff, but I figure, it's a new decade, so I'm gonna try it out. Here's my top 10 resolutions:
  1. Be a nicer person/Get better with confrontation
  2. Be less forgiving
  3. Less procrastination
  4. Write more
  5. Focus more on things outside of my own life
  6. Don't drop my phone
  7. Be less judgmental
  8. Lose weight (only like 5-10 lbs).
  9. Save money!!
  10. Loyalty to thyself!

#1 and #2 may seem cdontradictory, and I feel the same way, but it's kind of weird. I am a forgiving person, but I can be sooooo mean when I do confront people about themselves. I need to work on that. lol. I am going to try to write more, but I will be starting my second job in my school library, but I'll try to balance it out somehow, thus #3 comes in. I CANNOT procrastinate because this is the semester that REALLY counts towards grad school acceptance.

#5 comes about because I am a slight bit absorbed in my own world where I tend to ignore or be oblivious to other people. This has caused a lot of turmoil in 2009! :(

#7 I shall try my best to be less judgmental because, in my family, we are ALL judgmental. When there are outsiders present, it's so hard to not judge them. Unfortunately, it has caused me to feel bad or bite my thoughts at first impressions. I will definitely try to be more open-minded to those who are not like myself.

#9 I definitely need to save my money if I plan on moving in with the hubby. We only need a one-bedroom, but we need to at least get there first lol. This is where my second job comes in. Those checks will only be approximately $35/a week so those will be my "move-out" fund. lol.

#10 is one of the most important to me!! I have acquaintances of all different backgrounds and I feel like I change myself a lot when I'm around them. Not to say that I am fake, but I more more emphasis on certain qualities/traits of mine when I'm around certain people. My new attitude is that if they can't accept me as the nerdy, not-so-rich, newwly-focused person that I am, then they don't deserve to be my acquaintance/friend. Hell, I don't need friends. I have family and my oh-so-loving adorable boyfriend that already accept my quirky-ness.

Well, I am going to be going into the New Year with a new outlook and vision. I hope I can keep all of my resolutions! See you next year! Hopefully, 2010 will be ready for all of our brilliance!

love u all!


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