05 November 2009

Thursday's Blues

Well, I had an awesome Sunday & Monday to kick off the new month of November. Sunday, I went to see the play "Anita Bryant Died for Your Sins" on it's closing night. I loved it!!! It sucks I had to leave church early to make it to Hollywood in time, but it was for a class. In the end, I loved it.Monday was amazing since Drew from the USC MAT program called me. He asked me a few questions & really wants me to go 2 grad school there! I guess three times a charm?! I'm praying.
Another reason why November is so great is because I get to see my Dad a whole lot more since he'll be closer to me! Yay!! Lol.
Then, Tuesday it all went downhill. Today is now Thursday and pretty much, it started off bad. In all, I've been crying since Tuesday and have ditched school today. I can't handle it.
Surprisingly though, my mom was the one who made my day better. She always does it without realizing it. I'm gonna miss her when/if she moves to New Orleans/Florida/Texas (whereever she wants to go) lol.

On that note, I have a new perspective on life. I have decided to do something I should have been doing this entire time--live for myself. As I think about it, I find it soooo difficult to take my own fkn advice. I always tell people who are going thru stuff to forget about it & whatnot, but when my life is in shambles, I panic. Therefore, I've decided to stop being a hypocrite and live for myself. It's time I stop basing everything I do on how others are gonna react. I'm a grown woman and I need to act like one. I need to grow up. Tough love is what I need to give myself. So starting today, I am going to work on my life so it can go how I want.
Another new thing I will be doing is to STOP PLANNiNG STUFF. I found that I stress myself out even more when I plan. If I look thru every piece of paper in my room individually, I think I'll find about 10 unfinished/unaccomplished to-do lists. Why do I even bother? It's a waste of paper, time, space, and stress.

Well, time for me to start....


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