30 October 2009


Hello All,
Okay, I've found myself back on the Twitter train. Smh. I know! I have no type of self-restraint. All because of my bff. Smh. *Holds head down in shame*.

Anywhoos, I'm done with midterms! Yay! I'm not sure how I did... Boo! But, I know that I'll be working hard these last 2 months of school, because I need a BANGING gpa to get into grad school, preferably USC's MAT program. So I'll also be taking the GRE in a few months. Ahh! Wish me luck.

For some reason, I feel like November and December are gonna be better months. I'm not exactly sure why, but I just have a feeling. Hopefully, this feeling is more than a feeling.

Ok, I have a dilemma... For the grad schools to which I'm applying, I have to give them 10 pages of poetry to get into the Masters of Creative Writing/Writing program. I have 100+ poems. But I have NO IDEA what kind of poetry they are looking for & if mine is even good enough. Currently, I've been so busy that I cannot even write. So... I don't wanna write all new stuff, but I'm not even sure if my 0ld stuff is good enough. I'm lowkey... high key.... freaking out. Ahh!!!

Ok ok ok ok.. I'm gonna breathe. & look over my portfolio. Hopefully, I can find something or at least try to be inspired by something!



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