02 September 2009

SMH Moment #2

It is 1:30 in the morning & I'm already irritated. So... I'm on Facebook playing Uno (don't judge me! lol) & this guy in the Uno room thingy starts chatting to me "I'm digging ur vibe" & all this other b.s. I'm thinking, ok, you are a creeper so I just politely say "Ok. Thanks, I guess." He says that my profile says I'm from CA, so he asks what part & I respond L.A. Then he says, "If you're down, I have family out there." So I nicely just say no thanks.
I'm assuming that he does not take rejection very well. All of a sudden, he's calling me a b***h & a ho and all these other names. I'm 19 years old, I just ignore him. Eventually, after continuously telling me that I need to be sexed and whatnot, I just exit out.

Can someone tell me why guys (& even some girls) take rejection very badly?? I mean, come on, you can't get every single girl in the world! I have a boyfriend with whom I am happy to be and many people refuse to accept that! I'm really not trying to come off as arrogant or snobby, and really have a super bitch fit, but is all the name-calling necessary?! Someone please tell me when it became cool to call females different four- and five-letter words simply because she is A) already in a relationship, B.) not interested, C.) all of the above?!

*sigh* s. m. h.

xoxo Phoenix

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