11 September 2009

Hello World

I'm back! Sorry for the mini-hiatus. I've been extremely busy w/ school & life & other odds and ends. I have yet to write something since I've been so busy. But I have some exciting news! Me and my bf are welcoming a new addition to our "family"!!! No, I'm not pregnant. (Heck no! I'm too young)

In 2 months, we'll be receiving our first puppy!! :) It was born two days ago, Wednesday, Sept. 9th. We named him/her Oreo. I'm way excited since A.) no one has EVER gotten me a puppy, B.) Oreo is soooo cute, C.) I was wishing for one for a while. I love my bf! teehee :]

Anyway, I'll be posting more poetry & what not. :)

xoxo Phoenix♥

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